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A School for Seekers of Sacred Feminine Wisdom     

Deepen into Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Carefully curated courses, taught by engaging instructors,  designed to help you access the life-changing wisdom of the Sacred Feminine.


Root into the herstorical, mythological and/or iconographical record of the Sacred Feminine. 

Embodied & Intuitive

Deepen into the innate wisdom of your body and your own inner knowing.

Always Intersectional

 Explore the intersections of spirituality and colonialism, racism, heteronormativity and other expressions of our current patriarchal paradigm.

Practical & Relevant

Find the sacred among the messy complexities of your everyday life. 


Learn how to show up as powerful, loving agents of change, personally, professionally, and in your communities.

A different kind of learning experience.

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Who is the Sacred Feminine?

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Available courses

Meet Our Instructors

Home to Her Academy founder. Award-winning researcher. Host of Home to Her podcast. Author of Nautilus award-winning "Home to Her: Walking the Transformative Path of the Sacred Feminine." Initiated priestess in 13 Moon Lineage. Nature lover. Mom to two humans and one fur baby. 

Liz Childs Kelly, MA

 Former director  of nonprofit dedicated to menstrual/menopausal education and awareness. Author, "The Well of Truth," a collection of short stories incorporating love of art, Goddess traditions, mythology and the moon. Instructor, upcoming "Mother Well" course.  Mother, Teacher, Writer.

Elizabeth gould, MS

Land steward and nature-inspired visionary. Co-founder, Hestia Magic, a network of sacred land spaces and retreat centers around the world serving the evolution of humanity. Co-founder, Gratitude Blooming, a social enterprise and artist collective integrating art, nature and self-inquiry.  

Belinda Liu, M. Ed

Frequently asked questions

What is the Sacred Feminine? 

In a way, the entire Home to Her Academy has been built to answer this large, complex question! But here's a quick overview: 1) She's a her-storical fact, with loads of evidence supporting Her existence. 2) She's a living tradition for billions of people around the world. 3) For those who've been raised in traditions that only know a father God, she represents radically different spiritual principles that can feel incredibly liberating and healing to many of us.

What kind of classes are you offering?? 

We offer live, highly interactive classes that blend historical and factual information with movement and meditation and opportunities for you to flex your creative muscles. These classes are meant to be engaging, fun, and practical too! You'll walk away with lots of new information that you can immediately apply to your own life. 

Who are your instructors?

All of our instructors are well-versed in the her-storical record of the Sacred Feminine, and many have extensive research expertise and related advanced degrees. They also bring a huge variety of skills in movement practices, energy medicine, meditation and mindfulness, and priestessing arts. Equally as important, they're fun people to learn from, and are living the wisdom of the Sacred Feminine in their own way every day. 

What is  the cost of your courses?

It depends on the length of each course. In general, costs average out to a little over $50 per individual session - so a six-week course typically costs about $320. 

Are scholarships available? 

Not yet! But we've got an ambitious vision of offering multi-level pricing, scholarship options and the ability to help pay it forward for future participants. As the saying goes, one brick at a time. 

Do you offer any certifications?  

We do not offer any certification programs or degrees, although we are researching how to provide continuing education credits for people in certain professions (coaching, wellness, etc.). We view these courses as filling a critical gap many of us have when it comes to understanding our sacred stories. Rather than attempting to reach any level of mastery, we're interested in proudly reclaiming our her-story and exploring how this information can inform and transform our lives.

Are you teaching a particular philosophy?

No. Our teachers bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints to the courses they lead. Rather than ascribing to a single viewpoint or philosophy, we're interested in celebrating the multiplicity and complexity that is at the heart of the Sacred Feminine.  

Are these classes for women only?

Many of our courses have been designed specifically for those who identify as women, regardless of sex assigned at birth. However, all who are interested in learning about the Sacred Feminine are welcome to join us. Inclusivity and intersectionality are extremely important to us, and we welcome feedback on how we might make our course offerings relevant for everyone who wants to participate.

I'm interested in teaching a course. How can I learn more? 

We'd love to hear your proposal! Tell us all about your proposed course here: https://tinyurl.com/4ruhc342
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